Based on a new requirement for urgent deliveries in many different branches of industry, the company was founded in the year 1980.

The founder, Peter Hübeler, put new standards of until then mostly unknown "new logistics".

The market gap to offer immediate transports without additional loading with at that time new transport logistics was a new way of cost saving.

These logistics saved up to 85% of until then very expensive packing charge.

Only the requirements of our costumers are still of great importance for us regarding logistics and implementation.



Our Costumers have realized our know-how in the logistical field and have honoured it with increasing order volumes.


Immediate transports from 1 g up to a payload of 3,5 tons all over Europe.
We cooperate with companies Europe-wide.


Long sight is not a foreign word for us - in a permanent increase of our transportation logistics we keep on offering novelties to our customer.


We offer companies with a small own fleet to overtake their works deliveries which have become uneconomic for them. At the contentment of our customers.


We increase our payload up to 26 tons.



Our fleet leaves no customer demands unsatisfied.
As usual, our 24 hour service will stay self-evident in future, too.